18k Gold Bracelet

Buying an 18K gold bracelet can give a luxury lifestyle coveted opulence and timeless appeal. The warm, gilded hue and high purity make our bracelet iconic for fine jewelry and luxury adornments. With your occasion calls and our upscale finishing touches, make an 18K gold bracelet that reflects light beautifully across wrists while making a stylish statement full of richness and quality craftsmanship.

Both men and women can frequently use our luxury 18-karat gold bracelet at regular or any event for good looks.

About 18K Gold Bracelets

Eighteen-karat (18K) gold is favored for its attractive balance of durable gold content with other materials like copper and silver. In comparison to lower 10K or 14K gold, the 75% pure gold 18K gold bracelets resist tarnishing and retain their luxurious golden sheen decade after decade.

In some cases, the outstanding hypoallergenic properties also cause irritation for sensitive wearers. So, in conclusion, all these beneficial traits make 18K the premium gold standard for investment-worthy bracelets. Also, as per your custom order, we can make a 24k gold bracelet for your good-looking purpose. 24k gold bracelet mens editions are now very fashionable in men's lifestyles. Also, 24k gold bracelet womens available in the same process. 

18K Gold Bracelets Styles and Designs

In history, from European-inspired chain links to slim tennis bracelets glittering with diamonds, 18K gold bracelets span a spectrum of styles flattering both men and women. That's why our classic link bracelets are the top-selling product at Unisex. Our luxury 18k gold bracelets, made with highly polished or textured finishes, flex naturally with the wrist for comfortable daily wear or use.

This style and designs made the engraving of initials, names, or messages boost sentimentality. Bold cuffs shine too for men and women, especially when personalized with gold accents. Especially for women, narrow, flattened chains and dainty circular links catch eyes discreetly.

The Benefits and Durability

Besides sheer beauty, luxury premium 18K gold bracelets do reward buyers with other excellent virtues too. As we know, natural gold is very soft on its own. Mixing more metals boosts structural integrity, so bracelets can withstand scrapes and friction. The 75% gold parity in 18K allows for enough strengthening while still retaining gold's golden color and resistance to rust, scratches, and fading over its lifetime.

Because of their durability and high gold content, 18K gold bracelets also fetch higher resale values in jewelry stores and pawn shops compared to lower gold karat pieces if sold back. For those with metal allergies who have sensitive skin as well, 18K gold provides a comfortable wearing experience without the irritations associated with sterling silver or brass pieces.

- 18k gold is 75% pure gold and 25% is other materials.

- This rich high gold is yellow in color  and luminous shine.

- 18k gold is hypoallergenic for that it won't cause skin irritation.

- Compared to other gold, 18k is more dense and heavy than lower karat gold.

- 18k gold is famous for its long-lasting durability. 

Everyday Useable Bracelets

For users who are wanting an 18K gold bracelet for active lifestyles or everyday bracelets wear, durably built styles can handle frequent use. As you know, we have pure 18k gold materials in all our jewelry, so you can use them frequently. Men who do hard work every day worry about wearing regular gold bracelets if they get scratches and dents, but as our materials are good, they can use them more frequently.

There is one friendly bracelet also available in our shop named adjustable bracelets. An adjustable bracelet gives you full control of the size of the jewelry around your wrist. That’s why it is called a friendly adjustable bracelet.

- The bracelets available with us are:

- Best Cartier Love Bracelet Dupe

- Gold Snake Chain Bracelet

- Gold Chain Link Bracelets

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